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CCS schools got rid of “show and tell,” one way children used to learn from each other, in favor of direct indoctrination mandated by “diversity professionals.” We’re bringing show and tell back, for adults, in the form of examples you can see, and tell others about, of how our CCS School Board and CCS administration, and others with whom they are allied, have betrayed their duties to us and our children.

“DEI in Our Community” webinar, 4/15/21.  This is a video that shows some of the indoctrination being implemented by Terri Roberts-Leonard. It was publicly advertised and consists of eight DEI/CRT proponents (with much time spent on the speakers emphasizing their “pronouns”), relating their plans for indoctrination of our children, using the usual code words, such as “intersectionality,” and endorsing divisive and destructive fictions, such as “implicit bias.” Naturally, Roberts-Leonard did not publish this public record (Indiana Code 5-14-3), and required registration to even attend, but here it is for you to view:

School Board Meeting, 4/26/21. Here is a video of community statements to the Carmel Clay School Board at the regularly-scheduled meeting for April 26, 2021. This was the first time the grassroots of Carmel had spontaneously organized, at the last minute, to counter the lavishly-funded propaganda being used indoctrinate our children into critical race theory and its most important application, “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”
You can see for yourself the polite, yet passionate, approach all speakers take, as well as the aggressively negative attitudes of our current School Board toward those opposing their dictates.

Radical Ideals at HSE Schools and Indiana Department of Education, 5/7/21.  This is an expose from HSE schools about the radical ideologies being forced on children, using the excuse of Covid lockdowns to exclude parents and to hide indoctrination. It was censored by HSE by using a bogus copyright claim, something they did not even bother to hide, but we are leaving it up to show how CRT/DIE ideologues try to hide the truth.

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