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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to Unify Carmel’s efforts, and straight answers to those questions.

Who can join Unify Carmel?

Anyone. All are welcome. Unify Carmel is completely non-partisan and non-sectarian, and dedicated solely to improving our community.

What is Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE)?

DIE rejects the concept that “all men are created equal” as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, instead substituting noxious, anti-American ideology of racial division. Diversity as used by the ideologues who push it really means discrimination against non-preferred groups. Equity means reducing opportunity for the excellent to achieve, at the same time elevating the undeserving by giving them unearned rewards. Inclusion means exclusion of, and hatred directed by those in authority against, anybody who refuses to obey the latest demands made by political extremists. And “inclusive excellence,” the latest buzzword used to conceal all these lies, is an oxymoron that really means “not excellent.” Excellence is an earned reward resulting from talent and hard work; nothing else.

The plan in all this, as Christopher Rufo says, is the same everywhere. “The schools have self-consciously adopted the ‘pedagogy of the oppressed’ as their theoretical orientation, activated it through a curriculum of critical race theory, and enforced it through the appointment of de facto political officers within individual schools, generally under the cover of ‘equity and social-justice’ programming. In short, they have begun to replace education with activism.” We should not let a small set of ideologues in Carmel destroy our schools as similar ideologues have elsewhere.

Does DIE teach students identity politics?

Yes. This is the entire purpose of DEI, to claim that identity is everything. DEI is corrosive, rejecting our common humanity in favor of a narrow, racialist view of America and Americans. It relies on false steretotypes, creates cultural illiteracy and encourages hatred.

Is DIE anti-American?

Yes. The core of DIE is rejecting each citizens’s equality before the law, instead subsituting a spoils system where rewards are handed out on the basis of preferred characteristics. To this end, DIE creates a hierarchy of victimology, rejecting the search for excellence that has always characterized America. It relies on forced indoctrination of children using extremist texts filled with falsehoods about American history, and wholly rejects intellectual engagement and common citizenship in favor of an ahistorical, anti-American, and tribalist view of our politics.

Does DIE enable politically predatory teachers?

Yes. A core aim of DIE ideologues is to indoctrinate students and treat the public school system as a recruiting ground for their private ideologies.  This is often and aptly described as predatory behavior.

Does DIE promote a victim mentality and shame students?

Yes. DIE’s essence is to create a hierarchy of victimology, where the supposed victims are encouraged to view themselves only as helpless victims dependent on handouts, and where those who are not approved victims are to be shamed, and shame themselves, even more so if they reject being victimizers or reject the lies and indoctrination of DIE.  In fact, the CCS administration has illegally refused to assist students who are the targets of such attacks, instead throwing its lot in with those in power, those who force DEI on our children.

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

CRT is a far-left attempt to replace Marxist class warfare, a global failure, with racial division. As scholar Christopher Rufo puts it, the proponents of Critical Race Theory “seek to essentially deconstruct all of the principles around the Western canon of law, around rationality itself, around objectivity, around science, around math, they want to essentially destroy all of those to reveal what they believe is the essence, which is a kind of racial power struggle.” Moreover, they believe “that the United States was founded on racism, slavery and oppression, and that our constitutional structure, the words of the [United States] Declaration [of Independence], and even the law as it exists today are merely a cover story for racial oppression and dominance hegemony.”

Aren’t CRT and DIE just about empathy and not excluding people?

No. This is a falsehood told to fool people into accepting CRT/DIE, by attacking as unkind anyone who dares to disagree. In fact, CRT/DIE proponents regularly try to intimidate anyone who opposes them, and have threatened those brave enough to speak up against their program. In fact, DEI proponents created an entire web page and online campaign, which can be found here, for the sole purpose of viciously threatening the livelihood and personal safety of anyone, adult or child, who dared oppose DEI indoctrination.

Shouldn’t we focus first and foremost on whether our students feel safe?

No. Claims of “safety” are a Trojan horse for CRT/DEI ideologues, who define any opposition to their indoctrination as making those welcoming indoctrination feel “unsafe.” We should instead focus on academic excellence, and if any student has a real safety problem, including those caused by harassment by CRT/DEI proponents, our system has long-established procedures for dealing with such problems.

Is CRT/DIE spreading into other areas where taxpayers are also footing the bill?

Yes. For example, in April, 2021 the Carmel City Council voted to spend $130,000 on mandatory indoctrination of City employees in the ideology of CRT/DIE.

Has the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) also been captured by this ideology?

Yes, at the very highest levels. They hide their participation by using the word “cultural competency,” which is simply a synonym for DIE/CRT, along with SEL. The IDOE has set up an entire web page to advertise their participation in indoctrinating our children, which can be found here. Katie Jenner, the Secretary of Education, is responsible for this; you can find her contact information on our Action page. And here you can find a long list of state-level indoctrination materials, including prominent use of material from a notorious hate group, the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center.

Shouldn’t we focus first and foremost on what students want, centering our students in every decision, as our School Board mandates?

No. We should focus, only and always, on challenging our students to excel. What matters is what parents want, not what students want. Parents know what is best for their children, and children are raised by parents, not vice versa. CCS must ensure that parental control is the constant goal, and never attempt to keep parents in the dark so children can be better indoctrinated, as has happened recently in several instances.

Dr. Beresford and the School Board claim that they are not teaching CRT in schools. Is this true?

No. They avoid using the term “Critical Race Theory,” but CRT cannot be identified within a school district through a search of the phrase as a noun. The ideology is a set of ideas which aim to radically change and divide society. Giving it different names, such as “diversity, equity, and inclusion”, “social and emotional learning,” or “inclusive excellence,” is simply an attempt to obfuscate the truththat our children are being aggressively indoctrinated, rather than educated. And elements of CRT, such as the lying propaganda of the so-called 1619 Project, are openly used in our schools.

The umbrella group on which CCS relies for much of its resources, CASEL, openly admits all this, as you can see here:

Dr. Beresford and the School Board claim the State of Indiana sets school curricula, so they cannot choose to indoctrinate our children, even if they wanted to. Is this true?

No—while it is true that the State does broadly mandate curriculum, the School Board itself is solely responsible for choosing the books and other materials used to implement that curriculum. It has essentially unfettered latitude in that decision, which it has chosen to use in a racist and extremist fashion, and it has done the same in a broad range of non-curriculum matters. Moreover, Ms. Roberts-Leonard has embarked on an aggressive indoctrination program of CCS employees, using books and other literature. All those books and literature are riddled with CRT/DIE propaganda, such as the racist tract Ms. Roberts-Leonard has, among others, strongly “encouraged” employees to read, Me and White Supremacy.

Has the School Board and Dr. Beresford disowned their supporters' attacks on and intimidation of those supporting excellence?

No, very much the contrary. Despite widely-circulated attempts at intimidation of, and encouragement of attacks on, parents and students who support Carmel excellence, as can be seen here, neither Dr. Beresford nor the School Board, nor any member of it, has made any public statement of condemnation of these actions.

Why does CCS need a “Diversity Officer”?

We don’t. This position is a wholly unneeded, and destructive, one, very similar to the old Communist method of having “political commissars” ensure compliance with ideological dictates. Providing an outstanding education, rather than indoctrination, for our children should be the only goal on which we allow those who work for us, the School Board and all the teachers and administrators, to spend any of our children’s time or our money. Roberts-Leonard openly admits some of her indoctrination plans, as can be seen here.

Has the School Board and CCS administration created a hostile work environment for employees in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Almost certainly; indoctrination in the state-sponsored racism of CRT and DIE is practically the definition of an illegal hostile work environment, and litigation would likely expose CCS to high damages.

Has the School Board and CCS administration admitted that they intend to illegally hire on the basis of race?
Are the School Board, Ms. Roberts-Leonard, and Dr. Beresford attacking our law enforcement officers and SROs?

Yes, they are participating in the “defund the police” program that is an integral part of CRT/DIE. For example, Carmel’s DEI Officer has aggressively promoted the racist book Something Happened in Our Town. This tract slanders all police officers as racist criminals, and encourages children to distrust law enforcement, including the School Resource Officers (SROs) we voted to fund. We are still waiting for those additional SROs, but Ms. Roberts-Leonard is not waiting for her $100,000 paycheck.

Did Ms. Roberts-Leonard and the CCS administration mandate (as shown here) employees read the racist book "Me and White Supremacy"?

Yes. Here is a link to a summary of the book itself, so you can make up your own mind. Roberts-Leonard openly admits her plan to force this book on employees here.


Have the School Board and Dr. Beresford been open and transparent in communications with parents and other concerned citizens?

No. They have obfuscated, avoided responding, and refused to produce records they are required to produce by law.

Has the School Board and Dr. Beresford disowned their supporters' attacks on and intimidation of those supporting excellence?

No, very much the contrary. Despite widely-circulated attempts at intimidation of, and encouragement of attacks on, parents and students who support Carmel excellence, as can be seen here, neither Dr. Beresford nor the School Board, nor any member of it, has made any public statement of condemnation of these actions.

Have there been many racist incidents in the CCS school system?

No. A few students have claimed, without evidence, that they have experienced racial hostility. Given that the supply of racism in America is far exceeded by the demand for racist incidents by CRT/DIE ideologues, many supposed instances of racism elsewhere have been proven to be hoaxes. It’s unlikely there’s any truth to the claims here. True, because children can be cruel and unthinking, it is possible that occasional racist behavior, past and present, may occur in the our community. If it does, it is from people of all colors. It is not confined to one group only or directed at one group only, nor is there any need to exaggerate its importance or impact. Having your feelings hurt is not racism. Nor is it racism, as one student agitator claimed at a School Board meeting, for those who disagree with you to have free speech.

Is the Indiana Department of Education mandating and encouraging CRT, DEI, and SEL?

Yes. They admit it openly, and celebrate their racism, as you can see at this page. Or if you have more time, look at the videos they post, using all the typical code words and making false claims of nonexistent “implicit bias,”systemic racism,”white privilege,” and so on. The IDOE relies heavily on, and endorses, overt racists such as Ibram X. Kendi. IDOE makes official statements in these videos, such as justifying their radical indoctrination by claiming that “The curriculum we already have in school is an indoctrination into white supremacy.”


Isn’t systemic racism a big problem in Carmel?

No. There is no systemic racism in Carmel. Everyone know this is true, because nobody who claims it does has ever given a single actual example of systemic racism in Carmel. Or of any racism at all, other than unverified and self-serving anecdotes told us by the very same people demanding, in order to benefit themselves, the vicious imposition of their CRT/DIE ideology. We know this because nobody has made any legal claim under numerous laws that protect against racial bias. Nor have they made any plausible claim of any racism at all. Such claims are lies used to gain political power, wreck our school system, and intimidate those who oppose a radical political agenda.

Isn't Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) a way of helping our children?

No, it is the opposite. SEL springs from the same root as CRT, and is an attempt to create trauma in children, then blame parents for the trauma, and offer the “solution” of rejecting parental guidance and ethics. It is yet another poisonous attempt to indoctrinate children with their ideology.  Below are three videos. The first is an official Indiana Department of Education video, admitting their plans to use SEL for indoctrination.  The second is an explanation of SEL by those who write the programs; it explains itself. And the third exposes why SEL is so destructive to our children.

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