For decades, Carmel schools prioritized academic excellence. This began to change in the past few years, as our leadership silently began to pivot our schools toward the radical state-sponsored racism of critical race theory (CRT) and “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (DIE).

In 2019, CCS leadership changed its Mission from listing academic excellence as first, among three goals, to not listing it all, among ten goals.

Now CCS focuses on a “non-threatening environment” and “social and emotional needs.” Nowhere does CCS mention academic excellence in its “Guiding Principles.”

In December 2020, our School Board continued its plan to impose CRT and DIE by hiring a “DEI Officer,” named Terri Roberts-Leonard. She immediately began an aggressive program of indoctrination at all levels of CCS schools, among both students and employees.

This indoctrination has included many of the core principles of CRT, including the search for “microaggressions,” “systemic racism,” and “implicit bias,” all of which are fictions used to divide our community. It has also included  the rewriting of American history, attacks on law enforcement and school resource officers (SROs), the division of people into those supposedly privileged and unprivileged, and the deliberate attempt to suppress dissent.

The School Board has resolutely refused to answer requests for information about CRT and DIE indoctrination. Instead, they have engaged in obfuscation and falsehoods (see our Q&A page).

Therefore, on April 26, 2021, for the first time, a grassroots movement of Carmel residents spontaneously organized to counter the propaganda and money being funneled to indoctrinate our children, and to bring the School Board to account for its actions. (Video of this event can be seen on our Video page.)

Immediately afterward, the group Unify Carmel was formed, with the goal of restoring academic excellence and accountability through transparency and parental control of our schools.  We welcome your participation in our effort to make Carmel a place where all residents, children and adults, can flourish.

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