This guest post is from Stacy Worth, a Mother who fought the indoctrination of private schools in Florida successfully.

Do you find yourself in the midst of a battle that you did not choose with educators that have been engaged in social engineering? Do not be discouraged you are not alone. There are many parents that have come forward to say no more! So, take heart and have courage to stand up and claim your rightful place as leader and protector to your child.

You employ your schools through tax dollars, votes, donations of your time and talents, and private funding. Support those who stand up for what is noble and what is right. Become your child’s advocate, unapologetically. This social engineering has gone on across our country for decades and now the battle is at your doorstep. You must stand and not abdicate this responsibility to your neighbor or dismiss it as unimportant or even worse have an attitude of indifference! We all have a mission as parents to ensure the future of our children and thereby our free nation! You are on the one yard line and we do not have time on our side.

Be your child’s hero and join today with Unify Carmel, Be Bold Be Bolder! Join Unify Carmel to stay abreast of current issues that impact your child’s welfare and their future. Here you will find support and resources to fully understand the agenda. Here you will be expected to take a place in carrying this flag to victory. We all must be our child’s hero. Today, we stand. Parents it is urgent that we write our political leaders, we post this to our neighbors on our social media, we overwhelm our legislature with the truth of what is going on in our schools! Each day “do” something to be an advocate for good change for freedom for truth for our children.


1. Attend parent meetings and school board meetings.

2. Review educational materials for yourself.

3. Research the National Education Association and ask yourself if their agenda matches that

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