On July 16th, 2021, the Secretary of Education, from the Indiana Department of Education, sent out this letter to all Superintendents and Principals.

A letter of this nature is neither all good or all bad. It can be taken as a small win and parents should feel good about that. However, this is a very long marathon and the single most damaging thing for parents is apathy. So while we can see this as a step in the right direction, in practicality this letter doesn’t change much of anything for the upcoming school year. Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.) officers are still in every school pushing CRT and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The “Employability Skills Standards” are just those tenants rebranded.

They use principles that they know all good parents would never object to and this lulls parents back to sleep. While these principles always sound good on paper, it is just another Trojan horse. In other words, these skills are not what typically parents think of them to be. This is yet another reason why the great majority of “life lessons” need to remain with parents at home. Sure there was a time when we could trust teachers and school administrators to be honest in their intentions and executions. Those days are unfortunately long gone.

So what does this mean for the coming school year?

It means that all good parents will still need to be hyper-vigilant about the type of books that are being read to their children. Teachers are still required to take “equity” seminars that are filled with political indoctrination. They are still “recommended” to read anti-white, divisive books and in turn take those tenants back to their classroom. Parents will still need to hold meetings with principals and teachers to hold their feet to the fire. No government entity will change this situation unless good parents commit to getting off the sidelines this coming school year.

It’s truly a stain on us all that we’ve allowed so many divisive and inappropriate political narratives to be taught to our captive young children. Let’s send a message loud and clear that the 2021-2022 school year will be the year that parents take back our schools.

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