When parents finally understand the indoctrination that is happening at the public school level, I often hear one of 3 things in some variation:

  1. My youngest child is almost out of high school, I’m so glad I’m done!
  2. I’m home schooling, I feel kind of guilty for “running”.
  3. I’ve put them in private school, I’m grateful I’m able to protect them.

If you find yourself in one or more of those above situations, you should absolutely be proud, happy, and relieved. Protecting your children is your primary responsibility and to that end you’ve done your job. But allow me to offer these questions:

  1. Who is your daughter going to marry?
  2. Who will be your son’s network of friends?
  3. Who will be your daughter’s business partners?
  4. Who will live in your children’s future neighborhoods?
  5. What type of schools will be waiting for your grandchildren?
  6. Who will be your child’s employees?
  7. What type of companies will your child work for?

If you run away from this fight at the schools, then one day your neighbor’s son may throw a brick through the window of your child’s business because “no justice no peace”. Do you understand? We are all connected. Your child will still need to live in this these communities. If we lose the schools to these SEL, DIE, CRT extremist, then Indiana will become California in a blink of an eye.

So I implore you, please stay in the fight. If you run from this challenge because it’s “too hard”, then you’ll simply be kicking this down the road to your children and future grandchildren. If you think the schools are bad now, imagine what will be awaiting them in 10 years.

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