Do you ever wonder “WHY?” Why is there such an aggressive push for divisive ideology in our schools? These Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.) officers are not hired to solve actual problems, they’re hired to create them. So who actually benefits when we have generations of children who grow up to feel they’re either helpless victims or guilt-ridden oppressors?

If we take a page from the pharmaceutical world, we are reminded that there is no money to be made from dead people or healthy ones. So it is quite lucrative for pharmaceutical companies to have a large population of unhealthy people who are dependent on prescription drugs and will only need stronger doses as they age. Every patient cured, is one customer lost. That isn’t lucrative.

This is the same business model for the D.I.E. scam that is constantly focused on race and gender. For example, Terri Roberts-Leonard, who is Carmel Clay School’s new D.I.E. Officer, is paid an annual salary of $90,846. The average employee salary for Carmel-Clay School Corporation in 2019 was $48,323. Leonard isn’t hired to solve any tangible, specific problems. There is no quantifiable way to measure the ROI of her $90,846 annual salary. There is no success criteria for her role. Leonard will not one day report, “I’ve solved your inclusion problem, thank you for the opportunity, my job here is done.”

If we do not rid CCS of Leonard there will be a need for more D.I.E. officers. She will “find” inequities that are hiding under every rock in CCS and make a case that there needs to be more D.I.E. training, speakers, and classes. Then one officer won’t be enough, there will be a need to create an entire D.I.E. Office.

Leonard’s goal is not to better student academic achievement. Her job is to create more jobs for the D.I.E. industry. Remember, there is no money to be made when people are mentally, emotionally, and financially healthy. D.I.E. ideology ensures that children grow up to be young people that are dependent on their brand of “prescription drugs”.

  • Download: Anti-Racism Is A Booming Business
  • Robin DiAngelo, author of “White Fragility” has made $2 million dollars in book sales.
  • DiAngelo charged the University of Connecticut $20,000 for a 3-day anti-racism seminar
  • Ibram X. Kendi, the author of “How To Be An Anti-Racist“, charged the Fairfax County Public School District $20,000 to speak to principals, teachers, and school leaders for one hour.
  • An Illinois tax-payer funded library paid Kendi $12,500 to speak at a virtual event.
  • Madison Area Technical College paid $12,500 to Kendi for an hour-long virtual lecture for 500 people.
  • Karrah Herring, the DIE Officer for the State of Indiana, is paid an annual salary of $166,999, which is $30,000 more than Governor Eric Holcomb.
  • Colorado’s Douglas County School District paid Gemini Group, an equity consultant firm, $36,900 for training:

It is absolutely critical that we as parents ensure that our K-12 school system is focused on academic excellence and a high standard of personal accountability. This allows children to grow up to be financially sound, emotionally healthy, and mentally strong. Young people with those traits are difficult to manipulate and will not require “saviors”.

Email the list of school administrators HERE to tell them to stop wasting our money, time, and resources. Tell them to fire Terri Roberts-Leonard.

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