Every parent should be scheduling meetings with their principals, counselors, and superintendents. The question isn’t IF the SEL, DIE, CRT ideology is in your school, the question is how much of it had already been implemented. This courageous Carmel Mother scheduled a meeting with her principal and here are the steps and strategies she used to prepare for that meeting.

DOWNLOAD THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S “PARENTAL BILL OF RIGHTS” to be sure you fully understand your vast rights as parents. You can also watch my YouTube video that discuss the meaning of this bill.

1) Focus on 2-3 topics but have rock solid proof. Do not just bring “hearsay”. Come armed with 2-3 forms of proof for each topic. This could be experiences of your child in the classroom or inappropriate books read to your child.

2) Ask them about their thoughts on the type of books and programs that the CCS DIE Officer, Terri Roberts-Leonard has been pushing. Ask them their thoughts about terrible books such as “White Supremacy and Me“.

3) If this is your first couple of times meeting with administrators, avoid bringing up more than 3 topics because you have a limited amount of time. Having too many topics does not allow you to expose their inconsistencies or outright lies because you would only be covering each topic superficially.

4) Print out a few copies of any evidence you have obtained and hand it to the principal, teacher, and whoever is in the meeting with you. Physical copies shows that you are organized and know your facts.

5) School officials may try to “run out the clock”. They will often not answer your questions directly and will go down rabbit trails with the hope of you forgetting your original question. Give them 1-2 minutes to get on the path of answering your question, then cut them off and remind them of the question.

6) Key Point: Collaborate with a minimum of 2 other parents so that there are 3-4 of you in the room. Be sure that each of you are responsible for a topic. For example, one is responsible for the inappropriate CRT reading material, another focuses on the unhealthy issues with masks, and another is on graphic sex and gender curriculum. If you only go in by yourself it is easy to forget details on each topic in the heat of the moment. Strength in numbers and tribal knowledge.

If you’re meeting with administrators for the first time, you’ll experience some nerves. It does get easier each time you do it, I promise you that. Remember, these people work for YOU! You entrusted them with educating and caring for YOUR children for a specified amount of hours per day. You wouldn’t be doing this if they did their jobs. You’re doing this because on some level they betrayed your trust. Make them answer for it. Remind them FIRMLY that you are the parent and that they need to stay in their lane.

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