Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an extremely deceptive indoctrination system because it ultimately ruins the mental health of children while simultaneously hiding behind the merits of “mental health”. Here is why SEL is so dangerous when applied in a broad one-size-fits-all manner.

If I asked you, “Is morphine good or bad?”, what would you say? Well, I guess it depends. If you’re just coming out of an invasive surgery, then you would say morphine is really good. However, it is only effective if it is administered properly by a trained professional. If you weigh 225 pounds and they’re giving you morphine appropriate for someone weighing 125 pounds that would really suck for you. And vice versa for very different reasons.

On the other side, if you’ve lost everything and you’re now homeless because of your addiction to morphine, you would probably say that morphine is really, really bad.

So, “Is morphine good or bad?” Well, that depends.

Now, “Is SEL good or bad?” Well, that depends.

The Original Intention of SEL

SEL was originally intended to be a trauma-based program that was used on a case-by-case basis for children who come from traumatic homes. Even in that context the trauma varies. A child that doesn’t have access to the internet to do his homework is not the same level of trauma as a child that is being physically abused. A child that is being neglected by her mom is not the same level of trauma as a child that is being sexually molested.

Even highly trained mental health professionals can take years to help children work through their trauma. It is ludicrous to believe that it is appropriate for K-12 teachers to implement SEL to classrooms full of children. Plus, it eats up precious in-class instruction time on a daily basis. This is nothing more than setting up that 125 pound patient to receive the same amount of morphine meant for the 250 pound patient.

The Trojan horse is that SEL is applied across the board and it assumes that every child has some sort of trauma. Most children do not come from trauma-based homes, yet the schools will create that trauma by introducing political ideology disguised as Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.). They give your children wholly inappropriate in-class SEL surveys, manipulate the data to indicate more SEL is needed, and the process is repeated till there are generations of confused and traumatized children who never “feel safe”.

This is why it is so vital for parents to opt their children out of these seemingly innocuous surveys to starve the never ending cycle of manipulation of their children’s values and emotions. It is not the school’s job to educate “the whole child”. The school is not your child’s family. Protect your children’s mind and heart at all costs.

If you would like to have a better understanding at a deeper level, watch this SEL 101 video.

SEL uses innocuous language to disguise the real motive, which is shifting the perspective of this generation of children to view America and all of our systems through a Critical Race Theory viewpoint.

Jennifer McWilliams, Founder of Purple for Parents Indiana

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