Thank you to Purple for Parents Indiana for collaborating with us on this post.

When you submit your opt-out form to remove your child from surveys, political ideology, and inappropriate material, some school administrators may challenge you and attempt to bully you. Here are their tactics and our recommended solutions.


1) If you emailed your opt-out form, a common tactic we have encountered is the isolation of individuals through one-on-one meetings in order to break down parental argument. Make no mistake, they have been well trained on how to handle concerned parents. 

2) They may ask you “Why are you opting out?”.

3) They may try to convince you that the surveys or materials that you are opting out from are “good” or “harmless”.

4) They may tell you that they do not accept “blanket” opt-out forms, even though the forms are very specific about what topics are not to be introduced to your child.

Solution 1

You tell them, “It’s none of your business why I’m opting my child out. Per Ind. Code § 20-30-5-17 I do not have to justify to you what I deem inappropriate for my minor child.”

That’s it. That’s the solution. Parents have to remember that you do not lose your rights as a parent because you drop your child off at a building with a sign that says “School” on it. Stop relinquishing your rights as parents to protect your child.

Solution 2

This solution is unnecessary unless you really want to send a message. In additional to Solution 1 above you may also email the following:

SEL uses resources that promote Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project, Black Lives Matter (Marxist organization), Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression, Climate Change, Social Justice, Restorative Justice Practice, Police Violence, Socialism and many more ideological issues.

SEL collects a massive amount of mental health data from surveys and questionnaires. This psychological manipulation of children is unacceptable & appalling.

Since you questioned my legal right as as parent to opt my minor child out of inappropriate surveys and curriculum, please work with my child’s teachers to obtain all of this semester’s lesson plans, curriculum, supporting materials, websites, guest speakers, books, actual assignments, etc.  I will need to confirm materials are within acceptable parameters as outlined in the opt-out form. Please email or add to a Dropbox account by <insert desired date>. (see attached Parents Bill of Rights, page 3, #5)

Parents YOU have every right to protect your child and oversee the education they are receiving. As parents, we must take back control and demand transparency from our schools.

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