The following are steps you can take to ensure your children are opt-out of any inappropriate materials and surveys that you do not wish for them to participate in. This is your parental rights as outlined in Ind. Code § 20-30-5-17 and in the Parents Bill of Rights released by our Attorney General, Todd Rokita.

Download the opt-out form HERE or HERE (They’re the same form, just giving you a secondary option in case one link is broken in the future). Here is an alternate opt-out form that you may use as well. Pick the version that is most appropriate to your situation.

1) Fill out the form and make a copy. You can send it via email to your child’s principal, counselor and teacher. Here is a sample email. But we recommend that you:

2) Schedule a meeting with your child’s principal, counselor, and teacher. You may not get everyone in the same meeting but you’ll most likely get some combination. Be sure to give them the opt-out form.

3) Be firm and clear as to your expectations. They are not doing you a favor by meeting with you. You are giving them written and verbal directives about what they can and cannot present to your MINOR child.

4) Be very clear that they are to provide an “alternate activity” for your child since he is not participating in surveys or inappropriate/political material. Be specific that this alternative activity is to have academic value, not just another social emotional learning exercise.

5) After the meeting, send an email to all attendees and cc all assistant principals and administrators, especially if they have a DIE committee on campus. Attach your opt-out form, recap the meeting, and list out your expectations in bullet or numeric form. At the end of the email ask one of them to acknowledge your email was received. If you do not get a response in 2 business days, follow-up till you get one.

6) Talk to your child often. Ask her specific questions and stay engaged throughout the school year.

7) Here is what to do if your school challenges or denies your opt-out form.

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