As parents you have to be vigilant about the content that your children consume on a daily basis. A big reason why public schools like Carmel Clay can so easily indoctrinate our children with DIE/CRT/SEL ideology is because of the reinforcements of those tenants via entertainment content, both television and online.

1) Avoid live television. Commercials are often full of gender and sex propaganda especially during children’s shows.

2) Buy movies or shows you’ve already vetted (physical or digital) and let your child pick from that library freely.

3) Do not assume that if a show is appropriate in season 1 or 2 that subsequent seasons are also good. Often they will sneak in political and gender propaganda in latter seasons as they know parents aren’t verifying anymore. Example: Blues Clues was a wholesome educational show beloved by millions of young children. It originally aired in 1996 – 2002. It was rebooted in 2019 as Blues Clues & You. Many parents had fond memories of the originally and naturally allowed their own children to watch it. Then in 2021 the show put in LGBT propaganda in an attempt to normalize it for very young impressionable children.

4) Do not allow your children to watch shows or movies created after 2010 – 2011.

5) Do not allow unfettered access to YouTube. Not even YouTube Kids. Filters will only block out overt inappropriate material. Since big tech do not consider D.I.E. propaganda “inappropriate”, many of those types of shows and ads will make it through filters.

A young child’s mind is constantly absorbing information. This is why there is such a big push to place extreme political ideology in children shows and platforms they frequent. The content your child takes in will quickly shape her world view. Protect that beautiful landscape in their mind and fill it with content that will help them be a strong, confident, hopeful young adult. All that being said, you cannot shelter them in a bubble, but you do you want to be their “first mentions” when it comes to your values.

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