Good parents – I wanted to share an idea that I have not seen discussed anywhere yet in these groups. It’s what I call “Baseline”. Please allow me to share a few examples.

  • As parents, most of us know that the best way to prevent future food allergies is to introduce our children to all types of food when they’re infants/toddlers in small doses.
  • From James Bond to Superman, generally speaking whoever the actor we first saw is the person we associate it with being the best one. We often hear “<Name of actor> is “MY” Superman”.
  • This applies to music, movies, etc. We always have a positive emotional attachment to the media that we grew up with because they were present during our formative years.

Those that ushers in this weaponized form of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.) ideology understands this very fundamental human concept of baselining. Hence why the indoctrination went from college to now elementary schools. What I see 99% of parents do is practice “avoidance”. Unfortunately that will not protect your children because our culture and media will consume them with these wonderful concepts…..on their terms.

So my suggestion is, buy a couple of books talking about these concepts. Now I get it, 90% of books out there with those concepts has a racist, victimhood slant to it, even for children. But there are a few out there that touches upon the concept only.

Read your children these books. Be sure that they hear this concept from you first because these are principles that America is founded upon. YOU as parents control the narrative for your children first, so by the time they hear it from media and schools, it would have lost it’s “woke allure”.

We are in a culture war for our children’s hearts and minds, it is vital that parents beat the media and school to the punch. Your children should grow up, hear these words in its weaponized form and think, “Nah, that’s not “MY” diversity and inclusion”.

That’s one of the many ways we’re protecting our daughter, by introducing her to concepts that she’ll hear anyway, but on our terms. We are setting her “Baseline” on what these concepts really mean.

Book Recommendations

The following 4 books are great introductions to the intent of these concepts.
My Magical Choices
Snippets: A Story About Paper Shapes
Teach Your Dragon About Diversity
Be Kind

This book has a pretty racist slant towards white people by saying that they have more power and are treated better. However, this is a good example of controlling that narrative in small doses. You can read it to your children and help them critically think through why that isn’t true.
Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race

Whatever books you choose to introduce to your children, you cannot avoid the buzzwords and divisive indoctrination. Instead, use it as an example of why and how it’s not true. Then when your children hear it in schools and the media they already have the correct baseline in their minds.

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