On July 26, 2021, a group of parents read excerpts from books that were pornographic, obscene, and wholly inappropriate for minors. These books are found in the elementary, middle, and high school libraries. At the end of the video I addressed our Superintendent and School Board who claimed that they didn’t know these books were in the schools.

Actionable Items

1) Demand answers as to how these obscene and sexual pervasive books got into CCS.

2) Demand to know when they will be removed.

3) Demand to know what clear guardrails will be in place to ensure books like these will not get in again.

4) Demand to know when they will do a physical book audit because the books we exposed were only a small fraction of books of that nature that we found.

5) Demand the immediate resignation of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Amy Dudley.

6) Demand to know what mechanism they will put in place so parents can review any new books being introduced into school libraries and classrooms.

7) Share the video with your fellow parents and social networks.

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