Most public schools have little to no oversight in what type of books are brought into the school library. Librarians and media specialists bring in what they see fit and many parents have no idea what is accessible by their children.

Many parent have asked how to they can discover what types of books are in their children’s school library, especially since Unify Carmel exposed the amount of obscene materials in Carmel Clay Schools during our July 26, 2021 school board meeting.

School Library Search

1) Go to this SITE and select your state and school.

2) Here is a list of inappropriate books that may be in your schools but by no means it is exhaustive and we’ll update as we find more. The list of books read during our school board meeting is:

  • Call Me Max
  • l8r, g8r
  • It’s Perfectly Normal
  • doing it right
  • the infinite moment of us

3) Like and Follow the Facebook Page, “Mary In The Library” for books that parents reported that they’ve found in their respective schools. I’m betting that many of the books featured are in your child’s school.

4) Once you find an obscene or sexually inappropriate book, follow this process to work with your principal to get it removed from your school.

Classroom Library

Unfortunately there is no way to know what books are brought into a specific classroom. In the past there was a rigorous process for teachers to bring in new unapproved material, but today teachers have 100% control on what they want to bring in. Parents must schedule regular meetings with your child’s teacher and look through the classroom library to ensure that inappropriate books and materials are being presented to their child.

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