As thousands of parents wake up to the shocking realization that our public schools are political indoctrination centers, they’ve also discovered the volumes of sexually obscene and pornographic materials in schools. The common accusation is “You’re just advocating for book burning!”

There are two groups of people who will level that accusation. The first group support the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) ideology that is about grooming children to be victims and social justice warriors. There is nothing too perverse for that group. They don’t care about burning books, this is just the latest in a long line of disingenuous deflection.

The second group are people who genuinely feel that parents demanding obscene materials be kept out of the schools is a slippery slope to book burning or censorship. I would like to address this group because their concern is an honest one.

1) We are not advocating for any book to be eliminated or put out of print. All books should still be available for purchase outside of school.

2) Here is an acid test I would like you to honestly ask yourself: Take a couple of pages from a book that parents read out loud during the Carmel Clay School Board meeting on July 26, 2021. Print out those pages. Give it to a male family member or friend. Have him put those pages on the desk of a female co-worker. Now ask yourself, “Will he still have a job by the end of the day?

If you answered “yes”, then we’re good. No need to remove the book from schools. If you answered “no”, then we should remove it from schools. If it is too inappropriate for an adult woman, then it is DEFINITELY too inappropriate for minors.

The truth is, if a male co-worker put just 2 sentences from any of the excerpts on a female co-worker’s desk, they wouldn’t even write him up, he would be gone immediately. There is no HR department in any company in the country that would tolerate any of the materials that were read during that school board meeting. Yet, they’re available to minors in schools. Really let that sink in.

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